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Timberline Steve

Line Dancing is not just to Country music!  Modern line dancing uses any dance music with lots of pop, Latin and Irish styles.  Come and see Timberline Steve and Jeanette with their local line dancers to find out, and learn an easy dance with them! 

Black Pig.jpg
Black Pig

Black Pig Border was formed in 1986 on the Nottingham and Derby border. We perform our own style of Border Morris, including both traditional dances & some of our own invention. We are a group, of female & male dancers and musicians, & wear brightly coloured tailcoats & top hats; all festooned with feathers, flowers, ribbons & bells.

On Broadway.jpg
On Broadway

'On Broadway' is a dance class themed on routines and dance styles from popular musicals like 'Mamma Mia', 'A Chorus Line' and Chicago.  Now is your chance to pick up your cane hat and feather boa, get fit and have fun whilst strutting your stuff and dance like no one is watching!! Reveal your inner show girl!  

Romano Jilo Dance Group 2017.jpg
Romana Jilo

Romano Jilo is a Romani dance group based in Sheffield. The dance group performers are children and young people from the local Czech and Slovak Roma communities. The dance group is open to all communities and aims to promote community cohesion.

Peak Performance and Dance School.JPG
Peak Performance Theatre School

Established over 30 years ago, we are a registered IDTA school, situated in the centre of Bakewell. Passionate about dance and theatre, we strive to inspire and motivate all our young people in a highly creative and stimulating artistic environment encouraging pupils of all abilities to benefit from a comprehensive Performing Arts curriculum.

Horo Sheffield3.jpg
Horo Sheffield

Lead by Greg Boyd, this group perform dances from all over the world, but specializing in Eastern European styles, and dancing without partners. Their beautiful authentic costumes and evocative music make for eye catching performance.. 07810181273

La Tierra Flamenco.jpg
La Tierra Flamenco
First on when?


Sadly, La Tierra Flamenco have had to cancel for this year

Winster Morris.JPG
Winster Morris Dancers

Winster Morris are one of the longest running Morris Dance teams, dating
from 1863. They choreograph their own dances and often end with their favourite
‘The Winster Gallop’. New dancers and musicians are always welcomed.

Aim to Dance
Aim to Dance (Bhangra and Bollywood) 

Join Nisha Lall and her dancers to learn the energetic folk dance, Bhangra and the ever popular Bollywood routines.  Nisha’s passion for dance will have everyone joining in with these lively dances, and great music. 

Baby Steps
Mummy Steps

Mummy Steps, run by Jennie Crunkhorn, is a fresh blend of fitness and fun for parent and child. A fun and friendly dance-based exercise class for grown-ups with little ones in tow. Suitable for baby-wearing and welcoming to all little ones (0-5), whether they want to join in, play, sleep or anything else! We use lots of dance styles from Latin to Pop, Ballroom to Belly-dance! Fitness for you, bring little ones too!

Opanka 3.jpg
Opanka (International Folk Dancing)

Opanka are an Eastern European dance group and have been established for over 40 years performing dances from Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Macedonia. The Opanka dance group practices every Sunday for 3 hours in Fallowfield Manchester.


Flamenco in Sheffield.jpg
Flamenco in Sheffield

Barbara Thornes, originally from Madrid is a highly experienced dance teacher and choreographer.  Along with her students, she will be bringing her passion for this dance form to Bakewell for the first time. Why not join Barbara and pick up some simple Flamenco moves. She has a number of classes in Sheffield, Leeds and online

wirksworth step.jpg
Wirksworth Step and Clog

Wirksworth Step and Clog.  We welcome this group for the first time to Bakewell.  They perform the traditional English clog dance, which has a lively, percussive style.  This friendly group meet on a Tuesday in Wirksworth and are taught by Toby Bennett.  All levels welcome, including absolute beginners.

Mamabos d'Afro.jpg
Mambos d'Afro: Becoming 1 with the Master

Mambos d'Afro: Becoming 1 with the MasterMambos d'Afro: Becoming 1 with the Master is an African dance school which focuses on teaching Kizomba, Semba, Afrohouse & Afrobeats. Currently, MA is based in Nottingham and has classes every Monday evening 7:30pm-9:30pm. It also has a monthly Night on the 2nd of every month in collaboration with LuV'S events (Umbigada Night) and a yearly dance festival at the end of February (Mambos d'afro Festival, 22nd-26th February 2024)

Argentinian Tango with Tango in the Peaks. 

 Lucas and Melanie are two tango dancers who met on the dance floor in New Zealand, but don’t worry they have their roots in Argentina, where Lucas was born and Melanie has spent much time. They will be bringing their passion for this dance to Bakewell and showing us what a beautiful, smooth, raw and emotional dance it is. This is a fantastic opportunity to see the traditional Argentinian Tango in the flesh. A treat, not to be missed.

Le Vendredi Danse_edited.jpg
Le Vendredi Danse

Le Vendredi Danse are a friendly group that meet up once a month, in Holmfirth on a Saturday afternoon.  They learn the traditional French dances from the different regions of France. What makes this special, is that they are accompanied by live music at every session.  They will be running a workshop in the morning, with live music.  Join them in the afternoon for their outdoor slot at Bath Gardens.  You will soon be enjoying these lovely simple dances.

Well Heeled
Well Heeled

Our hosts of the day, Well Heeled will perform the energetic Appalachian style, which is based on traditional British step dancing with influences from Negro and Cherokee Indian dances. This Bakewell group have been running for 15 years and meet weekly.

bellydance flames.jpg
Belly Dance Flames

This Matlock based group have been performing since 2005. The Flames dance style is based on Egyptian Belly Dancing combined with elements of Turkish, Lebanese and various other dance styles!  The Flames combine traditional belly dance with other International dance trends and add humour to their performance.

Hopfrogs 4.jpg
Hop Frogs

Turn the clock back to those rock and roll years and let Heather pass on her skills and enthusiasm for a lively session.  It will be hard not to join her with those old favourites we all know and love.

M & J Dance.jpeg
M & J Dance Centre

Michael Hough brings his dancers together from Bakewell and all over the High Peak to show us how to rumba, samba, cha cha and a little bit of quick step. They love dancing for us at Bakewell, so why not join in, and you too, could be on ‘ Strictly Come Dancing’. Contact: 01298 23171

Dancing Shoes
Claire Dobinson School of Dance

The Claire Dobinson School of Dancing offers classes for children aged 2½ years through to adult, professional and vocational levels, and dance teacher training. From our beautiful, purpose made Dance Studios in Rowsley,  we hold over 50 lessons per week in many different dance styles.

Rueda Academy.jpg
Rueda Academy

The effervescent Eşref Ulaş will be leading and calling our Rueda De Casino (Salsa in a circle), a popular one to join in with. He’s a Salsa dance teacher, Latin music DJ and also a promoter running various Salsa events in the UK. He welcomes other Rueda de Casino Groups and invites everyone to have a go!  Expect a lot of fun and laughter!!! Eşref teaches Rueda De Casino in Wakefield on Wednesday and in Sheffield every Thursday evenings.

Indian Beats 2017.jpg
Indian Beats

This group are based in Macclesfield and London. Their dancing style is a mix of Indian classical dance forms (Bharatnatyam and Kathak) and Bollywood moves, with a flavour of Indian folk dance thrown in, all seamlessly intergrated into harmony.

Poynton Jemmers

Poynton Jemmers from Cheshire were formed in 1975 and are a thriving
Morris dance team, performing the North-West style of Morris dance. Look out
for their colourful blue, red and white kit with red clogs to match.

Sean Eireann.jpg
Sean Eireann Irish Dance Academy

Sean Eireann Irish Dance Academy provides Irish dancing lessons, age 3+, beginners through to championship level in Chesterfield and surrounding areas. We warmly welcome this group who are making their first visit to Bakewell.


Belrobics  combines the fitness moves of belly dance with inspiring choreography and uplifting music. Suitable for all fitness levels. Come and join the shimmy! Jennie  runs classes in Balborough at the Village Hall and comes with years of experience in many different styles of dance.

Milltown Cloggies

Milltown Cloggies  were formed in 1990 and originated from the small Lancashire village of Mossley. They drew dancers from several towns around, all of which in the past had been thriving cotton Mill towns, hence the name Milltown Cloggies. They are a group of ladies who love to dance traditional clog Morris in the North West style. A great band, play lively music and exciting tunes that complement their style.

Lizzie Dripping2.jpg
Lizzie Dripping (Traditional)

This women’s dance team from Sheffield dances in the North West style including step dances, tap routines, team dances and traditional dances from Scotland, the Isle of Man and Wales.  They dance either in soft shoes or character tap shoes. Their dances are complemented by unusual and interesting music performed by a small core of dedicated and experienced musicians. 

Hazarah 2.png

aka Beverley Smith, has 30 year’s experience  in a wide variety of Middle Eastern Dance.  We are thrilled to have Beverly here for the first time.  Examples of her dance styles  are Bedouin and gypsy dances from across Eygypt,  Morrocan Tray Dance, Khaleegi- dance from the Gulf regions  Turkish romani- the list goes on.  Beverley will also be running a dance workshop, where you will see examples of many different costumes and learn much about the history of these beautiful dances – as well as learn some of these dances!

Salsa, Steps.webp
Salsa with Steps Dance Fitness

Salsa is one of the most fun and social Latin dances around and it can be enjoyed by all.

Join Jennie,  who has been teaching salsa for over a decade and started out with Bill Newby at Steel City Salsa in Sheffield.  She has been lucky enough to travel to many different countries to dance and have learned from many of the top salsa teachers in the world.

makeney morris.jpg
Makeney Morris

Makeney Morris from Belper, is a mixed Morris dancing side who perform in the Cotswolds tradition. The side is made up of both experienced and new dancers who want to uphold tradition but also bring a more contemporary feel to the performance of Morris dancing. With an average age of under 30, Makeney Morris prides itself on energetic performances that capture the audience’s attention. From flowing hanky Morris Dancing to surging stick dances there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Zumba Gold with All in Dance

Anna started her Zumba classes in lock down and on zoom – not the best time to start a new business.  But despite all the challenges that faced her she now has a great following and runs regular Zumba sessions in Matlock and Darley Dale. Come and give it a go; you might be surprised how much fun it is.

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