Here are the sides that are confirmed for 2019... 

Well Heeled

Appalachian Dance Style

Our hosts of the day, Well Heeled will perform the energetic Appalachian style, which is based on traditional British step dancing with influences from Negro and Cherokee Indian dances. This Bakewell group have been running for 15 years and meet weekly at the Working Mens - 01629 815469

Bellydance Flames

Headed up by Salise Pearson this Matlock based group have been performing since 2005. The Flames dance style is based on Egyptian Belly Dancing combined with elements of Turkish, Lebanese and various other dance styles!  The Flames have recognised that combining traditional belly dance with other more International dance trends allows them to add elements of diversity and humour into the performance which audiences seem to appreciate.

Pecsaetan Morris

Cotswold Morris

Pecsaetan Morris are a young female Cotswold Morris side, based in Sheffield.  Pecsaetan, pronounced (Pec – suh – tan)  is the name of an Anglo-Saxon tribe, meaning ‘dwellers of the Peak District’. They have been called many things over the years, including ‘Pesky-tan’! Many claims have been made about them including ‘their lines looked like they were laser guided’ and ‘their RTBs were perfect!!’  We shall find out!

Baby Steps

Fun for Parent and Child

Baby Steps is run by Jennie (Belrobics) and is a fresh blend of fitness and fun for parent and child. A fun and friendly dance-based exercise class for grown ups with little ones in tow. Suitable for baby-wearing and welcoming to all little ones (0-5), whether they want to join in, play, sleep or anything else! We use lots of dance styles from Latin to Pop, Ballroom to Belly-dance! Fitness for you, bring little ones too! 

Belles and Broomsticks

Mixed Cotswold and Border Morris

We are thrilled to welcome The Belles from Guernsey, the Channel Islands, who are the guests of Pecsaetan for the weekend.  They are a mixed Cotswold and Border Morris side, who are not concerned with the history, but dance because they love it!


Belly Dance

Jennie  Belrobics combines the fitness moves of belly dance with inspiring choreography and uplifting music. Suitable for all fitness levels. Come and join the shimmy! Jennie  runs classes in Balborough at the Village Hall and comes with years of experience in many different styles of dance.

Dabke Dancing

Traditional Palestinian Dancing

We welcome Shahd and Serena, both members of Hawiyya dance company, which promotes the rich cultural heritage of Palestine.  Following their workshop in the Town Hall, why not join them in their outdoor slot and enjoy this uplifting sociable dance.  With it’s lively, foot stomping movements this is a dance for everyone to join in with.

Indian Beats

Classical and Indian Folk

This group of dancers, based in Macclesfield and London  have performed at many festivals in the Uk and India.  Their dancing style is a mix of Indian classical dance forms (Bharatnatyam and Kathak) and Bollywood moves, with a flavour of Indian folk dance thrown in, all seamlessly intergrated into harmony. 07415689395

West Coast Swing

with Smartdanceworks

Smartdanceworks will be bringing West Coast Swing to Bakewell for the first time and we are thrilled. WCS is an American social partner dance with its roots in Lindy Hop. Over the last few years it has taken Europe by storm, but for some unknown reason has been slow to arrive in the north of England.  Luckily, we now have Tracey Barnes running weekly classes in Dronfield. Do come and find out what this smooth, fluid, expressive partner dance is all about. Tracey will also be running a dance workshop.

Feel it and Dance

Zumba and Latin Rhythms

Feel it and Dance Jose Oliva will be bringing another treat to the streets of Bakewell, with a specially choreographed show dance. Brace yourself for an explosion of energy, colour and catchy tunes. For 7 years now Jose and his dancers have delighted audiences with their lively style and slick performances.  Join them on the dance floor when Jose will finish with some fun, and easy to pick up Zumba routines.  Jose runs regular, Zumba, salsa and bachata classes in Wirksworth, Matlock and Darley Dale. 

Chesterfield Garland Dancers

Clog and Garland Dances

Chesterfield Garland Dancers are a women’s side who perform clog and garland dances from (mainly) the north west of England. They wear brightly coloured dresses, with beads, waistcoats, bloomers and, of course, clogs. The jingle sticks used are actual bobbins from Cromford Mill, with the addition of bells and ribbons. They meet every Tuesday evening in Chesterfield.

Black Pig

Border Morris

Known and loved by Bakewell, this will be Black Pig’s fifteenth time to the Day of Dance. 
Named after the ship of the infamous  pirated Captain Pugwash. 
Black Pig meets in Eastwood, on the Nottingham / Derbyshire border.

Hop Frogs

Rock and Roll with Heather Clements

Turn the clock back to those rock and roll years and let Heather pass on her skills and enthusiasm for a lively session.  It will be hard not to join her with those old favourites we all know and love.

Claire Dobinson School of Dance


Claire  offers classes in balletcontemporarytapmodern and acrobatic dance, for ages 2½ to adult, from beginner to professional level. All styles are suitable for boys and girls, and ballet and modern classes are additionally offered at adult level. Altogether we hold over 35 different classes per week, including Pilates.  Claire has recently moved premises and is now based in Peak Village, Rowsley.'

On Broadway with Fitness Fusion

Dancing to popular musicals

'On Broadway' is a dance class themed on routines and dance styles from popular musicals like 'Mamma Mia', 'A Chorus Line' and Chicago.  Now is your chance to pick up your cane hat and feather boa, get fit and have fun whilst strutting your stuff and dance like no one is watching!! Reveal your inner show girl!  

Peak Performance School of Dance

Contemporary / Cabaret

Peak Performance School of Dance  was founded 24 years ago and is led by principal Jill Ferguson.  A wide range of dance styles are taught including drama. The dancers will be performing a cabaret style set this year.  Look out for the shimmer and glitz.

Timberline Dance with Steve and Jeanette

Line dancing

Line Dancing is not just to Country music!  Modern line dancing uses any dance music with lots of pop, Latin and Irish styles. Come and see Timberline Steve and Jeanette with their local line dancers to find out and learn an easy dance with them!  
01629 636386

The Rueda Academy

The Rueda Academy  The effervescent  Eşref Ulaş will be leading and calling our Rueda De Casino (Salsa in a circle) this year, always a popular one to join in with. He is a keen Latin music DJ and also a promoter running one of UK's most popular Latin nights as part of a trio, Parranda. He welcomes other Rueda de Casino Groups and invites everyone to have a go!  Expect a lot of fun and laughter!!! Eshref teaches Rueda in Sheffield every Tuesday evening.

Elizabeth Byrne School of Irish Dancing

Irish Dancing

This famous Sheffield Irish dance school will be bringing some of its best students to demonstrate traditional Irish step dances.

Fast Footing

Swing Dancing

Fast Footing are a dance group for swing dance enthusiasts and novices, covering Lindy Hop, Charleston, Collegiate Shag and Jazz Routines.

La Tierra Flamenco


La Tierra Flamenco  

This local group is taught by Nemmy Hatch who has performed Flamenco for 25 years.  She has a traditional approach which portrays Flamenco dancing as an expression of ones feeling rather than a strict dance form. Nemmy presently runs workshops.

Raqs Jamila

Raqs Jamila are an inclusive group of women who love to dance in the Arabic style. Whilst exploring ancient and contemporary forms of the dance, from old Saaidi to modern fusion, they remain true to the spirit of Middle Eastern Women's Dance, meeting for the joy of dancing together, and for the sense of well-being it offers through life's ups and downs. They meet monthly at the Wensley Reading Room and welcome new members. Contact Mary:


The sound of South Africa

This Sheffield based choir celebrates 12 years exploring the isicathamiya performance style and will inspire you with their music and choreographed feline dance movements. An intercultural exploration of dance and harmony drawing on different traditions 

Contemporary with Jake Bradnock

Contemporary Dance

Jake Bradnock Contemporary Dancer. Jake will be performing a duet with his collaborator Paul Geunot. Jake came for the first time last year and performed a magical piece – do not miss this second opportunity. Jake has a degree in contemporary dance and comes with a varied background including, breakdancing, ballet, capoeira and circus skills.  He will also be running a dance workshop.

Mulembas d'Africa


Mulembas d’Africa (Angolan) … release the energy, expand the soul, and embrace the roots. These dancers from Sheffield, will demonstrate an African Fusion style of dance with a strong influence of BOKWA  the new dance craze based on South African war dance, light boxing, capoeira and steps. If rhythm and energy are your thing, then this is the dance group for you.

Argentinian Tango with Tango in the Peaks


Lucas and Melanie are two tango dancers who met on the dance floor in New Zealand, but don’t worry they have their roots in Argentina, where Lucas was born and Melanie has spent much time. They will be bringing their passion for this dance to Bakewell and showing us what a beautiful, smooth, raw and emotional dance it is. This is a fantastic opportunity to see the (real McCoy) traditional Argentinian Tango in the flesh. A treat not to be missed.  They will also be running a workshop.

Horo Sheffield

Eastern European

'Lead by Greg Boyd, this group perform dances from all over the world, but specializing in Eastern European styles, and dancing without partners. Their beautiful authentic costumes and evocative music make for eye catching performance and are great to join in with.'


Son de America

Latin American Folk dancing

We are a group of Latin Americans and non-Latin Americans living in Sheffield who love dancing, music and sharing Latin American folk culture – a mixture of students and non-students. We are an open group and we welcome interested people of all ages, nationalities and abilities. We are friendly, enthusiastic and a bit chaotic! Come and join in!

Growing Older (Dis)Gracefully


Be prepared for anything. We are a dance company based in Liverpool, made up of adults aged between 45 and 80. Some have been involved in dance for longer than they care to remember, some have never danced.  They love dancing and share a passion for the camaraderie that comes from developing and performing their dances.

M & J Dance Centre

Ballroom and Latin

Michael Hough brings his dancers together from Bakewell and all over the High Peak to show us how to rumba, samba, cha cha and a little bit of quick step. They love dancing for us at Bakewell, so why not join in, and you too, could be on ‘ Strictly Come Dancing’

01298 23171

Makeney Morris

Cotswold Morris

Makeney Morris  from Belper, is a mixed Morris dancing side who perform in the Cotswolds tradition. The side is made up of both experienced and new dancers who want to uphold tradition but also bring a more contemporary feel to the performance of Morris dancing. With an average age of under 30, Makeney Morris prides itself on energetic performances that capture the audience’s attention. From flowing hanky Morris Dancing to surging stick dances there is something for everyone to enjoy.

 Austras Koks

Latvian Folk

Austras Koks (meaning “tree of dawn” or axis mundi) is a Latvian folk dance group based in Derby.  Originating from ancient traditions of the Baltic tribes, folk dance portrayed the ordinary life of rural communities as well as specific events such as birth, courtship and marriage, also reflecting the surroundings important to Latvians. We believe that with increasing force, dance is a vital bridge that has united generations from antiquity until today. New members are welcome.

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