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Bath Gardens
The Crescent

Tourist Information Office

11.30  Black Pig Border Morris

12.30  Milltown Cloggies and Makeney Morris

2.00   Winster Morris and Lizzie Dripping

3.00   Poynton Jemmers and Chip off the ...

3.30   Black Pig Border Morris


Tourist info
Bakewell Tourist Information Office

Riverside Gardens

11.30  Well Heeled Appalachian Dancers

12.00  Bhangra and Bollywood

12.30  Sean Eireann Irish Dance Academy

12.45  Wirksworth Clog Dancers

1.00   Well Heeled Appalachian Dancers

1.30   Opanka

2.00  Indian Beats

2.30  Sheffield Flamenco

3.00  Clare Dobinson School of Dance

3.30  Tango in the Peaks

Riverside Gardens

Bath Gardens

11.00  Romano Jilo

11.30  Belly Dance Flames

12.00  Zumba

12.30  Indian Beats

1.00  Mambo d'Afro

1.30  The Rueda Academy 

2.00   Peak Performance School of Dance

2.30  Traditional French Dance

3.00   Hazarah

3.30   Horo Sheffield

Bath G

Bakewell Infants School Playground

11.00  Horo Sheffield

11.30  The Rueda Academy

12.00  Opanka

12.30  Romano Jilo

1.00    'On Broadway'

1.30   Mummy Steps (0 - 5yrs)

2.00   Belly Dance Flames

2.30   Bhangra and Bollywood

3.00   Rock and Roll

infant school.jpg

The Crescent

11.00  'On Broadway'

11.30  Timberline Steve and Jeanette

12.00  Belrobics

12.30  Rock and Roll

1.00   Timberline Steve and Jeanette

1.30   Sheffield Flamenco

2.00   Ballroom and Latin

2.30   Mambo d'Afro

3.00    Salsa with Steps Dance Fitness

3.30   Ballroom and Latin


Water Lane

12.00  Winster Morris and Lizzie Dripping

1.00    Black Pig Border Morris

1.30    Poynton Jemmers and Chip off the ...

2.30   Makeney Morris and Milltown Cloggies.

water lane
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